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And My Story Is

I am a therapeutic nutritional consultant. I have been using this system when creating nutritional programs for clients, since early 2000. I also use the urine/saliva analysis and have found that Q400 Symptomology Analysis to be extremely accurate when comparing with the results I receive from the urine/saliva analysis.
Theresa Teti, DN, CNC, MPH, CHES

For the first time in my life, Dr. John's, DN; program urine and saliva testing, gives me a yardstick to measure what an individual patient needs in the way of specific foods and supplements based on wave lengths.
Dr. Sheldon Deal

I highly recommend Dr. John, DN; program for those professionals who are serious about the nutritional/metabolic aspects of health.
James Ehmke, N.C. Holistic Nutrition

In sixteen years of practice, I have not seen any system which offers the patient or the physician as much information regarding the patient’s health. I believe that Dr. John's, DN; program is on the leading edge of combining technology with preventative medicine.
Thomas J. Hefferon, R.P; D.C.

Very serious problems were just about to surface when I was introduced to Dr. Crofoot, DN; by Norma Jean Crocker, a Certified Clinician with Dr. John, DN. Doctor knew just by looking at me where I was going with my health. It was in 1990 when I was constantly sick and no one could find out what was wrong. After taking his Bio-Chem test it was crystal clear that I had to change my eating habits, the food, and get some specific massage for my failing body to improve my chemistry. I owned 2 Karate schools at the time and thought I was in TOP shape. Hm…how wrong was I? In two weeks into his program “Eat Right 4 Your Chemistry”, I was like a new man and never been sick again. Thank God for Norma Jean finding Dr. John.
Louie, Portland, Oregon

I was 3 months along with my baby when doctors discovered a malignant tumor on my neck. Pretty much a hopeless situation. I found Dr. John, DN; and followed his color frequency system and Eat Right 4 Your Chemistry system and amazingly the tumor disappeared and my health improved. My baby was born with no problem, a very healthy daughter, followed by 2 more healthy children. Dr. John's system is simply a Blessing.
Lady from California

My husband and I did everything in the world to have a baby that was not coming. We found out about Dr. John, DN, and he was our last hope. After going through his Bio-Chem Deficiency Test we were advised to change our eating habits. I also added a single extra nutrient into our diet and Lord behold, to our surprise, I got pregnant just like that and now we have 3 beautiful children. Thanks Dr. John, your system is very much recommended. Thank you, thank you!
Young family, Washington

My life turned horrible after 80. Pain in the back was excruciating, had to walk bent forward, could not even carry my own grocery bags from the store and I had to sleep in my chair. I was living with this condition until I met Dr. John. I took his Symptomology and found out what to eat for my chemistry. It took only 6 months to be pain free, walking straight as a candle, carry my own grocery bags all by myself, and sleep in my bed again. Dr. John, DN; you are blessed.
Your friend, Helen Lane, CA

My 10 years old son for no reason became very sick with a malignant tumor by his right eye. We did seek help everywhere with no relief. We found Dr. John, DN; in the USA and immediately contacted him. We answered his fabulous Symptomology Questionnaire, via the fax in those days. The results? Eat different foods and move our son into a different room in our apartment. Immediately, he started feeling great, became healthy and all that was left of a large tumor was a little piece, the size of a small pea, which was surgically removed with success and now we have our healthy son back. Doctor John, we are in your corner for ever.
Jose & the family, Spain, EU

My friend and I are from England and lived in the South African Union. We went for a 3 weeks business trip to the US. For two years I could only walk with a cane due to my pituitary disease, until I met doctor John, DN; when I did receive a two weeks treatment from this amazing young man, and needless to say, I walked back home without the cane. Sounds unbelievable, but that is the way it is. Thank you, Dr. John, DN!
Patient from England, EU