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Balance Your Chemistry a SIMPLE WAY

How would you like to Know what Vitamins and Minerals you are Missing?
What are your Nutritional Deficiencies? What food can you eat to supply your body with Missing Nutrition?
Not all the best food is the right food – that is - right food for your chemistry.
Our Digital Quantum Q400 Nutritional Deficiency Symptomology Analysis is the most advanced, unusual, unconventional, unknown, unmatched, Personal, Digital Health "Customize Your Nutrition" system that has been created for the benefit of all Living People in this Universe. 
It is a communication system between you and your own body that will enable you to find out your deficiencies of missing Vita-Mins and Foods rich in those Nutrients.

Our Q400 Symptomology Analysis has helped many in NEED around the world since 1972.
Fully computerized since 1975 and for your convenience fully Digitalized since 1995, is now available Online.
Made from Need – Not from Greed!

How to Quantumize Your Nutrition
1. One must be referred by one of our Associates in order to be able to use our Q400 Symptomology Analysis and receive the Customized Results.

Go to the Q400 Symptomology Analysis page, fill all the info correctly. Make sure your E-mail address is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT on the Q400 Symptomology Analysis Form!
2. Make sure to check all the Symptoms that pertain to you within the last 6 Months ONLY! (Must Check minimum 6 boxes in order to process)
3. Answer only the Symptoms that you know. If you do not know the Symptom – do not mark it.
4. Agree with the Terms & Conditions before submitting your test.
5. Submit your Q400 Symptomology Analysis Form for processing. You will be redirected to our Merchant Payment Form.
6. When your Q400 Symptomology Analysis is paid for and processed, you will be able to see your Results within a few moments in your browser with the ability to download it, save it and print it. Also, additional information with your user name, password and the link where to retrieve your Results will be sent to your E-mail address that you provided on the Symptomology Form.
7. As a BONUS, with your Q400 Symptomology Results you will receive one time download link for Dr. Crofoot’s E-book ABCs of Nutrition at $49 value - FREE.

Understanding Your Quantumized Nutrition
1. Your Food

Get your nutrition from the FOOD LIST! Foods listed with the Vitamins and Minerals are your basic foods and will work on repairing your body, improving your body and/or maintaining your body for optimum health. You will have many foods to choose from. If you eat a food that is NOT on your list then eat 2-3 foods that ARE on your list to keep your chemistry balanced. However, it is highly recommended to concentrate on foods that are customized for your specific chemistry because they work very effectively on the improvement of your health. Retake your Q400 Symptomology Analysis within the next three to four months and see eradication some of your unwanted symptoms.

2. Your Vitamins, Mineral and Foods
The deficiency of Vitamins, Minerals in Foods rich in those Nutrients are listed on your Results page are your highest priority. It is your customized and/or personalized nutrition in Foods that your body is asking for. NO GUESSWORK!

3. Your Extra Bonus: Body Area Info
The body areas listed with each Vitamin and Mineral depicts those areas that need attention now and/or in the near future. This extra "Substance Relationship to Body Areas" table will give you a true look at your body's organs now and as well as into the future.

These are conservative recommendations assuming you are consuming the proper foods from your Result list.
Any supplement intake beyond those recommended in this report, or allergic reaction to these recommendations, is the responsibility of the person and their physician. No responsibility is assumed by COYH, LLC and/or Your Colors.


Watch for Improvements in your Health and Reduction of your unwanted symptoms.
We recommend Re-testing yourself every 3 months or as needed

NOTE: In case of specific or restricted diet due to a kidney, heart, or other disease, and/or being a vegetarian/vegan, please look for the foods and supplements on your list that you know you can utilize with your restricted diet.
Watch the "Gauges of your Health" what to add or what take away! It is cheaper to MAINTAIN than have an expensive REPAIR. Eat Right for Your Chemistry!

What to do with your Q400 Quantumized Results?
Eat the Foods off Your List - IT WORKS!
Get Your RESULTS Today.