Company Purpose
To Educate people about Simple, Fun, User Friendly Digital Age Health Solutions.

Education on how to Improve everyone's Health and Economy.
Introduce, Share and Inspire others to live the Lives they Deserve.
A Portion of each Sale is Donated to Enhance the Lives of People with Autism.

What is the meaning of the letter Q
The Q stands for Quantum.
In physics, a quantum (plural quanta) is the minimum amount of any physical entity (physical property) involved in an interaction.
Quantization of energy and its influence on how energy and matter interact (quantum electrodynamics) is part of the fundamental framework for understanding and describing nature

What is the meaning of the number 400
400 represents the number of the most often occurring or re-occurring Symptoms in relation to Human Health.

What is the Research and Study of the Q400 based on
Our Research and Clinical Study of the Q400 is based on the "Law of the Universe".

What is Symptomology
It is a study of Symptoms of the human body and how to eradicate them.

What is the Main Purpose of the Q400 Symptomology
Help people in need to Turn their Negative Symptoms into Positive Benefits and Positive Benefits into Great Feelings.

Some of the Benefits
Everyday Food to Personalized Food to Right Food for Your Chemistry
Fatigue to Boundless Energy to Healthy Energy on Demand
Depression to Relaxation to a Peaceful Mind, able to Think
Toxic Living Space to Toxin Free Environment to Pristine Place to Live
Aches & Pains to Eradication of Pain to Freedom of Movement
Financial Pain to Financial Health to Financial Freedom

What is the Q400 Symptomology Analysis
It is a communication system between you and your own body that will enable you to find out your deficiencies of missing Vita-Mins and Foods rich in those Nutrients.
The system that will find your personal Nutritional Deficiencies that your body is asking for.
The Q400 is a Computerized System since 1975 and Digital since 1995 that will Enable you to Sync your Air, Water and Food for your Optimal Health.

Who can use the Q400 Symptomology
Our Q400 Symptomology has NO AGE LIMITS.
The Q400 Symptomology is for every living being that uses Air, Water and Food.

What is an "Organic X-Ray"
It is our complete system of our Bio-Chem Analysis of the Human body.

Where was the Q400 Symptomology all these years
The base of our Q400 Symptomology is here since this World has been created. Unfortunately, no one was able to figure it out until the early 1960s when Dr. John Crofoot, DN; was blessed with developing this wonderful program that everyone can benefit from.
His system was developed from Need and not from Greed, due to his personal condition since his birth.

Why so many questions on Q400 Symptomology Analysis Form
They all have meanings and reasoning and are needed to determine your correct results. They are covering Chemical, Physical and Emotional aspects of life. 

What if I do not know some of the Symptoms
No problem. Do not answer it. If you would have the symptom, you would know what the symptom is. You may also ask Google what your specific Symptom means.

Why some questions are repetitious
There is no question that is repeated, even if it sounds like. They are all based on different chemical, physical and emotional activities of your body.

How soon can I see any improvement
Depends on a condition and how a person is following the test results. Usually a person begins to improve right away.
Recommended check on improvement is 3 months period. 
Your next Q400 Symptomology Results will show your progress through eradication of symptoms assuming that you are Eating the Foods off your Results list. 

How often do I need to use the Q400 Symptomology Analysis
We recommend to test every 3 months or as needed.
Again, it depends on the condition of each person and how fast the symptoms will disappear. Let the Symptoms do the Talking!

What if I have no questions to answer
Every person will be able to answer minimum 6 Questions on our Q400 Symptomology form that are required in order to process it. Symptoms are indicators of your condition. If a person would have no symptoms to answer, that indicates there is a serious issue that needs attention immediately.

Do I have to eat only foods listed on my Q400 Symptomology Results
It would be a good habit to get into. Your list will provide you with unending combinations of meals you can prepare. However, with each food you eat that is not on your list, make sure you eat 2-3 foods that are on your list. Your list of foods is a handy tool if you have to eat out in restaurants.

How do I know the Q400 Symptomology Analysis works
When your unwanted symptoms are being eradicated. This test is valid only for 3 months. 
For example, if only one of the symptoms you have checked on the Q400 Symptomology Analysis Form such as Fatigue, Depression or any of the checked symptoms will be eradicated, then you have made huge progress.

Do I have to buy Vita-Mins listed on my Quantum Q400 Nutritional Deficiency Results
We strongly recommend to utilize the foods rich in those nutrients on your Result List first. The Body needs to function on its own.


What is ECO 2000 Cleaner Concentrate
It is a Multi-Purpose Household/Commercial Cleaner that will replace all your cleaning products under your sink, or in your garage.
Therefore, it will save you lot of time and money in your cleaning department budget.
ECO 2000 is Manufactured with the latest State of the Art Technology.

How safe is ECO 2000
Our product did set the Safety Standards for the Green Cross Certification of cleaning products in 1991.
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