Q400 Symptomology Analysis

Most Advanced Nutritional Evaluation Ever!
It will Depict Your Vita-Mins and Foods Your Body is Asking for.
Results in just a Few Moments in your Browser.

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Taking Care of Your Health

Eat Right to Live Healthy

Turn Symptoms into Benefits and Feelings

We have the most sophisticated Bio–Chemical testing of the human body. The system was  developed in the early 1960's by Dr. John Crofoot, DN. In the early 1990's, he and his team compiled and computerized it into a user friendly system to be used online.

Now, we have the ability to provide superior service and to help people in every corner of the World. Just answer our Q400 Symptomology Analysis and your Results will be displayed for you in a few moments.

As the Founder says
“This program is revolutionary because it works at the atomic level of the body’s metabolism where healing is initiated. I would not be alive without it. It is that accurate”. Dr. J. Crofoot, DN

Education Beyond Imagination

Know Your How - What - Why

It is nice to know WHAT and HOW but the “WHY” is the key. Do you know why you are  doing what you're doing? We will provide education to our Associates via the Online Webinars to learn why your Body pH and your Body Chemistry must be BALANCED in order to improve and/or maintain your HEALTH.

We believe in a Clean Environment, Eating Right, Thinking Right, Exercise, Rest and Relaxation. These six elements are vital and necessary to every living being on this planet.

Power of the Food
You Are what You Eat
What You Eat You Think
What You Think You Are

Lifestyle Health

Transfer Your Health into Wealth

Lifestyle Health is as important as your personal Health. We have designed a simple system to provide a solid Base for Your Lifestyle Future, if you choose to do so.  As any industry today, our Lifestyle Health is based on sharing the Products and Services.

We are completely computerized and our Services are digital with instant access. Our "Ultimate Nutritional Evaluation" is available anywhere in the World as long as people have access to the computer.

Share and Inspire
We offer a great Lifestyle Opportunity for those with the desire to be Independent Lifestyle Associates.

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Product and Service Overview
Come and Experience "Something Different - Something New".
The Company and People with Purpose.
You will find a new, hassle free and refreshing way to maintain or improve your Healthy Lifestyle. 
Join us to help build Communities for People with Autism.

2018 Scheduled Presentations
December - Private Webinars only. Please, schedule one with your Referring Associate.
If you do not have one, request your Private Webinar via the E-mail Form on our Contact Us page.


Monthly 2018 Scheduled Presentations
These Presentations are Reserved for an active Preferred Members and Associates, only!

Product Overview
The Service and Product presentation will concentrate on how to grasp and understand our Ultimate Nutritional Evaluation the Q400 Symptomology Analysis and how this unknown system can help every living person in the world. 

Reward Plan Overview
We will explain our Reward structure (Commissions and Bonuses) in details so that one can plan the Lifestyle Future with ease. 

Lifestyle Concepts Overview
We will present some simple and easy steps of starting your Home Based Business online.

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What's Hot & What's Not

What is Hot 


Q400 Symptomology Analysis is an Integral Part of our Organic X-Ray System.
An eye-opening system that shows you how to grasp the origin and nutritional value of the foods you eat. Conceptually, Theoretically and Clinically proven that "It Works" since the early 1960's.

With our powerful Q400 Symptomology Results you will be able to see what to do and what not to do, how to choose the right Foods for your specific chemistry. Our one time download copy of the ABCs of Nutrition E-book, worth $50, is included with each Q400 Symptomology Results. These 38 pages of "Hot" Nutritional information is not available anywhere. It contains cute original drawings by Dr. Crofoot, DN depicting each subject that can easily be used as an educational coloring book for children.

Our online Q400 Symptomology Analysis is a great business tool for Health minded professionals such as Doctors, Nutritionist, Physical Therapists, Massage Threrapists, Personal Coaches, Dieticians, etc; who like to pin-point their clients Nutritional needs with Precision Accuracy. 

Help us to build Communities for People with Autism and other Disabilities.

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Lifestyle Opportunity

Your Time is Now


Economics of Today
In today’s world full of economic instabilities, people losing jobs or businesses, not enough money for medical insurance, the month is always longer than the paycheck, and other economic issues, we are here to help. We offer the Solution!

Economic Solutions
Our Educational System is designed to provide you with guidance and direction to a more Youthful and Relaxed Lifestyle. Learn to turn your Youth & Health into Youth & Wealth which is a winning combination that comes as a great side effect.

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